Get tough on crime


AS a concerned father I am disappointed with this generation of new millennium kids.
They are now flooding the streets and corners learning new ways of living and surviving by begging, grabbing, stealing, breaking and entering, street vending and the list goes on.
Many do not know their parents or their origins and they are simply lost human beings.
Mount Hagen city and the Kainantu suburb in Eastern Highlands are two examples of places where these young people have become huge problems. They can kill someone for a cigarette butt or a 20 toea coin.
People are not safe in towns and cities anymore. The rapid rise in population is not helping and adding to the stresses on law and order issues and crime prevention efforts.
I propose that we get tougher on crime by having our courts impose heavier penalties. I also propose that we bring back capital punishment.

Joe Endumba
Gembogl, Pompomer

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