Get up, work the land

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The National, Wednesday October 9th, 2013


MOROBEANS received a frank message about wasting time when there is land to work on.

Speaking at the launching of the  K2 million Morobe credit guarantee scheme (MCGS) in partnership with National Development Bank at Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium last Friday, Bami Sorekinec told the people not to laze and roam around doing nothing but to cultivate their  land for productivity. 

Sorekinec told hundreds of people to stop wasting time – sitting around unnecessarily and walking in and out of provincial division offices.

Governor Kelly Naru urged people to change their mindset and learn from the Highlanders who sacrificed their time and life growing coffee and realising the result of their effort.

“Morobean forefathers set many precedents and history not only in evangelism work but business activities as well, introducing coffee and cash crops to Highlands provinces,” he said.

“Instead we neglect to maintain the spirit of sustenance and management; let’s learn from our history and experience by setting history for tomorrow’s generation to take on from what we invest and create.

“That is the vacuum in Morobe that requires change in mind, and youths need to tap in and become productive,” Naru said.