Get young teachers to lead our schools


The Education Department needs quality principals and head teachers to run schools in order to improve the quality of education in the country.
The country deserves quality teachers who have good knowledge and visions to develop and drive schools and improve teaching and learning in schools.
Our education system should be independent from politics.
We shouldn’t allow politics to interfere with our children’s education.
Many principals and head teachers in the Highlands are appointed through politics and are involved in other corrupt practices.
The appointment of school heads should be strictly done based on merit by the Education Department and through its provincial divisions.
In order for the country to achieve PNG Vision 2050, let’s do away with the so-called “old dogs” occupying positions in schools.
The Education Department and provincial education boards stop continuing to appoint overage teachers who promote themselves as seniors without being productive.
Some of them lack visions of taking education to the next level.
They need to make room for the young and vibrant teachers who have the energy and passion to improve teaching and learning in schools.
Our people expect qualified teachers with degrees to run schools.
Some of our young teachers are good at thinking outside the classroom.
They don’t limit students to learning in the classroom.
Teachers are the backbone of this nation.
The future of our country depends on them.
It’s time we change things to improve education in the country.

William Wali,
PNGEI Student