Getting down to basics with carpentry

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SIXTEEN young men from the Erima settlement in Port Moresby graduated in basic carpentry training this week.
The graduation coincided with the launch of the Erima community learning and development centre (CLDC).
The Erima CLDC was formerly known as Erima youth/women technical workshop and was established through the integrated community development project (ICDP), a Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA) project and facilitated by the Community Development Department’s economics branch, in 2007.
Community Development secretary Joseph Klapat called on the graduates to be role models in the community.
Mr Klapat said development began in the communities and CLDCs were put in place for people to use for such activities as skills development which will, in turn, strengthen and empower communities.
He said small projects such as this carpentry training was the way to start changing people’s lives.
JICA resident representative Kyoji Mizutani urged Erima residents to make the most of the CLDC, adding that ICDP was aimed at making development opportunities accessible to people in the communities.
The graduates started their training by making coconut scrapers and then furniture including tables, chests, cupboards, and beds.
The youths also underwent short courses in financial reporting, project cycle management and basic business management to market their products. 
Two of the graduates have secured formal employment.
Mr Klapat also presented K7,000 to the project as part of the department’s K20,000 commitment.
The funds would be released in installments after each progressive report is presented to the department.