Getting my point across

Letters, Normal

I AM writing to clear up some of the confusion which was pointed out by the editorís comments in relation to my letter. The letter was in fact written regarding both The National and the Post- Courier articles and it was a mistake on my part not to indicate this in the letter. But at the same time, I did not intend for my letter to be printed however I am extremely glad that you have taken an interest. The views reflected my feelings generally on both articles and I did not have the time to check which newspaper mentioned what. The point I wanted to get across was that I thought that only one side of the story was covered and I do not think that either article provided much information as to why BSP, Madison and Fleming were to taking the actions that led them into this predicament (to recover money that BSP is owed by Yama). And as the Australian media have pointed out, the charges and the involvement of the police is very questionable.

–  Concerned, via email