Getting support at work for mental health problem

Health Watch

If your mental health problem is disturbing your working life, it can be tricky to know what to do.
Fortunately, there are workplace support options available to help you.
Discrimination at work may make you feel unsure whether to tell anyone at work about your ongoing mental health problem, or poor wellbeing.
If you are comfortable with sharing, there are some benefits to doing so. At first, you might experience barriers such as:

  • NOT knowing who, when or how to tell; BEING unsure of how much to share; and,
  • WORRYING about negative outcomes or reactions.The possible benefits of talking about your mental health at work include:
  • HAVING a stronger basis for requesting support;
  • NOT having to hide difficulties you’re experiencing; and,
  • HELPING others open up about their experiences of mental health problems (if you choose to tell colleagues).

Telling anyone about your mental health is a personal choice.
However, if your mental health problem is considered a disability, you have a right to reasonable adjustments. But to exercise this right, your employer must know about your disability.
Your employer will also need to know about your disability before you get protection for certain types of disability discrimination.
Talking to your employer could be hard because of confidentiality reasons, but you would be surprised of support and how much you would be understood.

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