GG’s message directed at leaders

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LEADERS must take account of their attitude and decisions to ensure service delivery reaches the rural majority where it has been almost non-existent for the past 33 years, Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane said in his Independence Day message.
Sir Paulias said PNG had not achieved much since 1975 but created more of an “unfortunate mess” which must be fixed.
“This is where the Government’s national strategic plan (2010-50) comes in so that our leaders can develop a more comprehensive nation-building framework to tackle the greater challenges as an independent nation in the next 50 years and bring forth benefits.
“The time for a new vision is now and we must not let this be just talk.
“I challenge the NSP task force to embrace public private partnership now and also look into commercialising public functions so that service delivery costs are affordable to everyone,” Sir Paulias said.
He also called on the task force to include a seventh guide to ensure faith-based participation was part of the six overarching pillars of the NSP.
This was important as Papua New Guinea was considered a Christian nation and it that must
practice being over.
“A popular impediment to socio-economic development for our rural areas is the deteriorating infrastructure which continues to be problematic.
“These decaying facilities must be replaced with new ones so they serve our people in the next 50 years, but I commend the Government for including our rural communities to benefit from television and satellite facilities,” he said.
Sir Paulias gave this message when he officiated at the 34th Independence Day flag lowering ceremony yesterday at the Sir John Guise Stadium, which was attended by foreign dignitaries and development partner representatives in PNG and city residents.