GG backs technical vocational training

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PAPUA New Guinea needs to keep up with the rest of the world in its information technology standards, Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane said.
“There is a need to recognise the critical role played by the technical vocational education training (TVET) sector in social and economic development in the country.”
Sir Paulias highlighted this at the official launch of the National Polytechnic Institute in Lae on Wednesday.
He said there was significant changes in the global environment, in particular the emergence of a worldwide labour market that bears heavily on the roles, functions and mode of operation of TVET system worldwide.
“Highly skilled people are now being recruited by foreign nationals because of the productivity and high demand of specialised skills and knowledge.
“And along with technology development, technicians must update their technical capability endlessly to fulfil the tasks required by the industry.”
Sir Paulias said this meant that TVET was becoming not only the subject of schools and colleges or industry but also a lifetime learning journey for the workforce.
He challenged the Education Department to continue to maintain the institute.
“We must support the TVET with the necessary resources that it needs in order to serve its purpose meaningfully to help the young generation,” he said.
“The institute will have no use in operating without getting the necessary support it needs to fully pass on the skills needed by the students to go out and contribute meaningfully.”
Sir Paulias, a staunch supporter of technical education, urged the Education Department to continue to aggressively pursue technical and vocational education in the country.