GG calls for greater help for Scouts movement

National, Normal

The National, Monday February 24th, 2014


GOVERNOR-General Sir Michael Ogio has urged development partners, agencies and stakeholders to recognise the valuable contribution by the Scout movement and explore avenues to assisting the organisation.

Sir Michael, the Chief Scout and patron of the Scout Association of PNG made the statement during Scouts Foundation Day in the National Capital District. 

“Scouting was seen as a glamorous movement when it was first introduced in the National Capital District and Central province in 1926,” he said.  

He said efforts by Scout leaders to revitalise the movement despite limited resources had now brought the membership to about 5,500.

“There is a need for more awareness programmes, recruitment and establishment of the scout troops throughout the country,” he said. 

“The life skills training and discipline that it provides can benefit youths involved in drug and alcohol abuse to live harmoniously in their communities and lead successful lives.”

SAPNG’s Noel Pina said Scouts were only seen during national events days and they needed more recognition and support.

“It plays a vital role in youth development,” he said.  

The Scout movement started in 1907 when Lord Baden Powell took 21 boys to camp at a place called Brownsea Island and divided the boys to patrols with an elder boy in charge. 

They swam, talked, played games, held camp fires and listened to Powell’s adventures stories.