GG calls for respect for election process

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 25th July, 2012

GOVERNOR-General Sir Michael Ogio is appealing for common sense and the rule of law to prevail as counting for the general election ends and members are declared.
Sir Michael’s concerns stemmed from continuous delays in the counting and declaration processes in several electorates.“I expect no less from our security forces, public officials and the civil society to ensure all election processes are implemented without negligence, fear or favour.
“The results must bring high standards of ste­wardship over the next five years and beyond.”
Speaking on Monday during Remembrance Day memorial service, he said the legacy to leave for future generation was to ensure a free, fair and safe election.
This, he said, would allow for a timely call for the formation of government and normal progression of the national parliament.“In spite of the peace PNG enjoys, the country needs good leaders and extraordinary citizens who can demonstrate high levels of commitment to the cause of nation-building,” Sir Michael said.