GG praises ENB leaders

National, Normal

By ABIGAIL APINA UPNG journalism student

GOVERNOR-General Sir Paulias Matane says he is impressed with the efforts East New Britain leaders are putting into developing the province.
Sir Paulias had commended the provincial leadership for a job-well-done in setting the trend in development.
“As the Head of State, I urge Papua New Guineans to move away from all negative things and focus on all the positive things that are vital for development.”
Sir Paulias encouraged the people to reflect on the things they had done in the past 12 months and make a choice to change tomorrow.
“Dwelling in positive things will result in a better future which was a dream for everyone,” he said.
Sir Paulias is on a three-week vacation in his East New Britain village but had spent time visiting and sharing some advice with villagers.