GG: Sir Peter was a patriot

Late Sir Peter Barter with people on Manam Island following a volcanic eruption.

GOVERNOR-general Sir Bob Dadae has describe the late Sir Peter Barter as someone who represented the true essence of loyalty, commitment and love for the nation despite many challenges.
“It would have been easier for Sir Peter to pack up and leave when times were tough, but he chose to stay and serve his people of Madang,” Sir Bob said.
When remarking on services rendered by Sir Peter to Papua New Guinea for more than 50 years, he described him as “outstanding” and a “patriotic Papua New Guinean whose service and commitment to Madang people is second to none”.
Madang-based businessman Sir Peter, 82, passed away yesterday at the Cairns Hospital, Australia, after a long illness.
Madang MP Bryan Kramer said the former politician committed his public and personal life to the country.
According to the Barter family, Sir Peter travelled to Brisbane a month ago for urgent medical treatment after becoming very ill in Madang.
He had a rare terminal heart condition that developed into an internal infection.
Kramer said: “Because of his age and the extent of the infection, doctors could not do much to improve his condition.
He returned to his family home in Cairns to spend time with his grandchildren before his passing at hospital. Son, Andrew Barter announced his passing, saying funeral arrangements would be made in due course.
Sir Peter was the Melanesian Tourist Services Ltd managing director until his passing.
Andrew, who would travel to Madang to take up his father’s role, said: “As per my father’s wishes, I have been appointed as managing director and will be returning to Madang to continue my father’s legacy.”
Andrew also wrote to staff at their hotel, the Madang Resort, advising them that his father had wished for business to continue as usual.
Sir Peter first came to the country as a pilot in 1967 with the Divine Word Aviation.
Said Andrew: “He had travelled the length and breadth of the Sepik and Madang.
“He later became a prominent businessman and a citizen of the newly-independent Papua New Guinea.
“He was a pioneer in the development of tourism in Papua New Guinea.
“Through his business he supported many small communities where his ships, the Melanesian Explorer and Melanesian Discoverer docked.
“As a member of parliament, his performance was remarkable as the minister for provincial affairs and health.”
Kramer also recognised Sir Peter’s contributions as a former minister for, Health and Minister for Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs, and as a former regional member and governor of Madang.
He added: “Sir Peter was a two-term member of parliament.
“He retired as governor in 2007 following medical advice.
“Sir Peter continued though to play an active role in overseeing his family businesses in Madang and Cairns, supported various community-based organisations in our province, and through his Melanesian Foundation created tangible benefits for many villages in the Madang and Sepik provinces.”
Sir Peter is survived by wife Lady Janet, son Andrew and grandchildren Jordan and Amaiya.

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