GG urges citizens to unite

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 15th December 2011

GOVERNOR-General Sir Michael Ogio has called on all citizens to stand together in unity during the festive season and respect the laws despite the political volatility the country faces.
“The political situation of our country may affect individuals in their faith in the leaders and the democratic rule of the government however, citizens must demonstrate maturity and not take matters in to their own hands by causing harm to other citizens,” Sir Michael said.
“As a nation we should reflect on our achievements and the impediments that have affected our development and advance towards achievement our goal of a uni­ted, healthy Papua New Guinea.”
Sir Michael said while Papua New Guinea was experiencing strong economic growth, “the onus is now in the hands of policy makers and the government to ensure the standard of living for the people is improved to reflect the nation’s wealth”.
“The national government must ensure policies relevant to this day and age that accentuate the rights and benefits of our people over their resources, their active participation, and short and long-term development or the use of their resources and ensure transparency and accountability on the part of the developer,” he said.
He urged every individual not to forget their traditional values and to respect each other “by celebrating Christmas and its true spirit with giving and caring”.