GG welcomes new Italian ambassador

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GOVERNOR-General Sir Paulias Matane welcomed Italy’s new Ambassador Gian Ludovico De Martio Di Montegirdano to Papua New Guinea while accepting his letter of credentials at the Government House yesterday.
Sir Paulias told Mr Di Montegirdano at the ceremony that PNG was a young country with an abundance of natural resources and a wide range of opportunities.
“Multilateral networking does provide valuable and dynamic institutional links, especially with the United Nations, the European Union (EU) and others such as the Pacific Islands Forum where assistance can
be accessed.
“I also believe that there is a greater scope of bilateral cooperation, where exposure and contact are more direct, government to government and even between business partners or simply people to people,” Sir Paulias said.
“The Department of Environment and Conservation has re-established the office of ‘climate change’ within the Department.
“This office will work in collaboration with foreign entities and friendly nations such as Italy in a more coordinated manner in the management of climate change initiatives,” he added.
Sir Paulias was encouraged by Italy’s strong support towards the EU’s increased interest in the region by playing a more proactive role in its relations with Italy at both multilateral, as well as bilateral levels.
He acknowledged Italy’s friendly disposition of predecessors for their respective efforts in fostering, and maintaining its cordial relations with PNG since formalising diplomatic relations 32 years ago.
Mr Di Montegirdano said he would carry on from where his predecessor had left off to ensure continuity.
“In the past few years, our two countries have strengthened cooperation in a friendly and positive way, sharing the same views on a fairer and better balanced international order,” he said.