Gift of generator giving Kagua school new opportunities


Petroleum Resources Gobe has bought a 65KVA generator for Kagua Secondary School in Southern Highlands.
Mineral Resources Authority managing director Augustine Mano and Petroleum Resources chairman Philip Kende presented the generator to the school on Monday. The school had been without power for five years.
Mano said the generator marks the beginning of a new era for the school and it would be a big moral booster for the students and staff.
Mano said that this was not the first time his office had helped a school get help.
He said the generator was capable of supplying electricity to the entire Kagua station. Mano told the school administration to talk with PNG Power to allow the sachool to supply electricity to the community to earn some revenue. He said the money for the generator came from Petroleum Resources’ community investment project.
Principal Peter Yampi said the school had been without electiricity since 2013.
He said that students and teachers slept in dark and did their school work only during the day.
“I want to thank MRA and PRG for providing one of the biggest needs of the school,” he said.
Yampi said that the academic performances of his students would now improve and they were now in better position to compete with other schools in the province and in the country.

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