Girl, 10, one of masthead comp winners

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Cathy Ariau, 10, who won one of the four prizes in The National’s masthead competition yesterday, said she will use the prize money to buy school items.
Cathy attends the Coronation Primary School in Port Moresby and is in grade two.
“I’ve been wanting to get a new schoolbag and a pair of sports shoes for a while now so I’ll use it for that,” she said.
Cathy said her mother advised her to enter the competition.
“My mum and dad get newspapers every day to read news and mum told me there was a competition going on in The National.”
In Lae, Nganining Maliaki, from Butibam village, said he won in his first attempt and was surprised when informed.
Maliaki reads her favourite newspaper daily.
“I love reading this newspaper, especially know about the issues that are affecting the country, updates on Lae, law and order situation in the country and the sports section.
“The layout of the paper is just perfect. We can easily locate sections that we want to read.”
Maliaki said he saved coins each day to buy a copy just to be updated on news and sports.
While thanking The National for his prize, he said the money would be shared among his colleagues.
And, of course, some will be kept to buy the newspaper.