Girl allegedly raped in local fight

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The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

 AN argument that developed over the non-payment of a loan developed into a fight caused damage to property and the alleged pack rape of a teenage girl in Jiwaka.

The incident happened at Avi, in the Anglimp local level government, around 1am on Sunday.

Winti Kindi said he lost property worth thousands of kina, including his PMV bus. 

He said a group of men from another tribe smashed his bus, damaged five homes, including a newly-built store, and chopped down coffee, banana and yar (casuarina) trees.

“I lost property worth more than K200,000,’’he said. 

Kindi said he lent K300,000 to a man four years ago who promised to repay him. He has been reminding the man all along about the loan and last Saturday again raised the matter with him.

Kindi said the man brought a big group of his tribesmen armed with guns and attacked his village.

They fired shots to scare the villagers. The young girl could not get away and was attacked, he said.

She is admitted at the Mt Hagen General Hospital.

Police could not be reached for a comment.