Girl power…

Momase, Normal

Nationalpic by EVAH BANIGE

Girl power… That’s the verdict from Esther Lejuwom of Morobe and East Sepik parentage and Jenny Malabag from Kairuku in the Central province. These two young women are heavy diesel fitter apprentices with the plant hire division of Hornibrooks NGI in Lae, Morobe province. They are pictured here on one of the cranes at the company workshop. The two lasses were accepted by Hornibrooks NGI in 2004 after graduating from the Port Moresby Technical College. They are both currently in their final year of apprenticeship before they sit for their second trade test that will qualify them for tradesmanship. They are the only two females in apprenticeship with the company. Miss Lejuwom said it has been tough working in a once-male dominated field but she has taken the challenge on board and enjoyed her time in the field.