Girls school prepared for exams despite lockdowns: Principal


CARITAS Technical Secondary School is prepared for the final exams with most of the topics covered despite the several lockdowns this year.
School acting principal Willma Kalimet said this was made possible through the AdMod, an online platform where teachers and students used to share lessons, activities and assignments.
She said grade 12 subject teachers gave out lessons through the online platform and students went online and worked from home as well.
Kalimet said the assignment and activities were easily completed and there was no issues.
“This year is not that challenging like last year, when we had several lockdowns that had affected students learning because with AdMod, we are able to complete most of our topics and we are still preparing,” she said.
Kalimet said the lessons conducted online was helpful during the first lockdown because they were able to cover all lessons.
“For grade 10s and 12s, I believe they have covered all their topics, thanks to online platform system that the teachers were able to carry out their lesson even when the students resume classes after the lockdown,” she said. “We have 168 grade 12 students and they are prepared and still preparing for these three remaining weeks.”

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