Give Basil his portfolio back


DEPUTY Prime Minister Sam Basil has been cleared of all allegations against him and we were of the view that he would be given his ministry and job back, but this has not eventuated and it is well over a week now.
From past experiences, he oversaw ministries for MPs who were implicated and were facing the leadership tribunal and when they were cleared, he gave their ministries back within a day or two.
Basil is without a portfolio for more than week now and there is an impending ministerial reshuffle.
We note that Pangu Pati members are keen on getting the deputy prime minster’s position.
My suggestion to Prime Minister James Marape is to carry on with his reshuffle but do not be pressured by his Pangu members and do the right thing that you have been doing all along.
Appoint ministers on merit and best people for the job.
On another note, the people of Lae, Huon Gulf, Bulolo and Menyamya are expecting to benefit from the Australian government’s K60 million road funding.
At the moment, we are struggling with very bad roads from Lae to Wau and to Menyamya.
Do not let this project start after next year’s general election.

Dr Banare Bun,