Give locals a chance


I SEE that nearly all retail and wholesale outlets are owned and run by expatriates in Jiwaka.
Local landowners and retailers and those who own land and buildings seem to be giving in to rental deals.
Locals buy items from these outlets – including counterfeit products – in bulks and then resell them in black markets.
How can we Papua New Guineans be successful with small and medium-sized enterprises if we allow foreigners to dominate the market?
On one hand we create an SME programme that is intended to help local people and on the other hand we invite foreigners to invest and operate in the province and the country at large.
Jiwaka’s business development office should review and vet the participation of foreigners in the retail sector to ensure locals get a chance.
We know that the provincial government is collecting revenue in the form of goods and services tax but that should not lead to less opportunities for local businesspeople.

Jim Hemilton KOLIP
Dongamp Parra Express