Give Meninga five years to produce results

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday October 18th, 2013

 I REFER to Jacob Ivaroa’s statement “better to spend money on local coaches”. Ivaroa said, Meninga’s view that the “result shows where we stand” was totally misleading and an attempt to divert attention to the fact that he and Adrian Lam failed to deliver.

I believe Meninga was right in saying what he said. 

No offence but can Ivaroa go back and fix Gulf Isapea? 

Meninga has laid some truths about our team. 

We were up against a red-hot Australian side and these players are professionals whether you like it or not. 

We have the talent but it takes more than talent to be successful.

Meninga has just started with the five-year plan and it takes time, dedication and perseverance. Results will eventually come.

Give Meninga five years and see how far we can go. 

Just stop criticising and work together. 

If we do not get the results in the next five years, then we can make Jacob Ivaroa the head coach of the  Kumuls.

Meninga has a lot more to give to this team, so let us give him all the support he needs.


Die hard Isapea fan, Via email