Give O’Neill credit for what he has achieved

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday February 1st, 2016

 WHILE I respect people of different opinions and assumptions to debate public issues, it is appalling to read unsubstantiated claims of individuals tarnishing integrity of someone of higher status, like the Prime Minister of this country. 

I am sure Yapi Akore comes with a lot of background review of events unfolded over time to debate issues of significances with his well-calculated backings. However, I feel a little offended when it comes to holding Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for some issues which he had not been convicted or found quietly by any rule of law as yet to date.

As per your letter of opinion  (The National, Jan 29), your third point holds O’Neill responsible for not obeying the constitutions, breaches of government’s systems and processes.

Can you tell this country when he was convicted and what kind of penalties he was served?  

The viewers are already tired of unsubstantiated biased views for one’s political gains or media speculations. 

O’Neill is the savious to the Ialibu -Pangia people and the rest of PMG. 

My brother on the other side of Yalo River, please visit Ialibu-Pangia and see how O’Neill has transformed this remote rural electorate.

Give him another term after 2017 and see what more he can do for this country. 


Karia Tara