Give Okapa MP a chance to deliver

Letters, Normal

The National

Please allow me to express my views and dissatisfaction about Okapians’ views about MP Bonny Oveyara.
Before I elaborate, I would like the critics to know three things:
* The MP has gone through court challenge for two years;
* The Government system is a system of its own. Hence, you need to follow due process and system; and
* Stop playing politics as Okapa needs technical advice from educated Okapians.
I would like to remind the critics that the MP is trying his best to bring the much needed services to the people of Okapa. 
I believe the MP can do something but is unable because of the court disputing his victory.
To gain access to the K10 million, due process and system must be followed. 
This, I believe the Member has done accordingly. 
Lastly, we need educated Okapians to come out and contribute constructively to the development of Okapa.


Concerned Okapian
Port Moresby