Give opportunities to persons living with disabilities: GG

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GOVERNOR-General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae has urged people to give persons living with disabilities opportunities to display their potential in sports and jobs.
Sir Bob hosted a Cheshire Red Feather fundraising event at Government House on Friday.
“Persons with disabilities’ needs include constant physiotherapy services, customised learning materials and assistive devices, to improve their functions, engage in economic activities to support their livelihood, and, policies which guarantee protection of the rights of persons with disabilities,” he said.
Sir Bob said partners of Cheshire had made commitments to support the work of its disability services.
“As patron, I am confident these commitments will be fulfilled to progress the work and services provided by Cheshire Services,” he said.
Cheshire PNG general manager Benard Ayieko thanked the Education Department for supporting the inclusive education programme at Cheshire by funding eight teaching positions and free tuition for the school.
The Port Moresby Medical Services has also been supporting the organisation since 1995.
Its executive director Dr Athie Chelvanathan said he had contacted the organisation to find out what areas of support it needed.
“We support the organisation with two bags of 10kg rice, one bag of 10kg flour and sugar every first Thursday of every month,” Dr Athie said.