Give our professionals a chance to find cure


THE comments against a team of scientists and medical practitioners in Papua New Guinea in their quest to find treatment for Covid-19 has gone viral.
Leaving aside the politics and administration, it is an amazing feat by those involved to apply smart science to refine the wheels of science in the field of molecular biochemistry and pharmaceutical synthesis to zero in on an effective treatment protocol of identified drugs against a common enemy, even if it mutates away from any expensive vaccine that maybe in use makes this platform worth some attention.
What is more exciting about their proposition is that similar approaches will be done in finding effective treatment solutions for other serious infectious diseases such as TB, AIDS, Malaria and so forth.
The Government should give the team the benefit of the doubt to deliver their noble treatment streams.


One thought on “Give our professionals a chance to find cure

  • Scientist around the world are researching, experimenting and analyzing the field of applied science to find a solution while a group of scientist in PNG already found a cure. Amazing.

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