Give up: Baki

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POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki has made a personal appeal to his own relative and prison escapee, Greg Wava, to surrender to police.
Wava, from Narumatala village, Bitokara Catholic Mission in Talasea, West New Britain, is Mr Baki’s nephew, and is one of 11 prisoners who walked out of Bomana jail with William Nanua Kapris on Jan 12.
The Police Commissioner called on his nephew to give himself up after his men stormed a lodge in Port Moresby on Saturday and recaptured Kapris.
Mr Baki said: “I have spoken to all my relatives in Port Moresby and I am certain that my nephew Greg Wava is being harboured by other people somewhere in Port Moresby city.
“Greg Wava knows where I live and I appeal to him to come to my house so I can personally take him back to Bomana jail,” Mr Baki said in a statement yesterday.
He said his Bakovi people were very concerned and they had disassociated themselves from Wava’s activities.
The Police Commissioner also warned that anyone who was found harbouring the prisoners would face the full force of the law.
Meanwhile, three people have been arrested and charged for their involvement in harbouring Kapris
during his recent escape.
National Capital District and Central police commander, Supt Awan Sete, indicated that the three people included the owner of the lodge where Kapris was arrested on Saturday, the receptionist and a security guard.
Although no names were disclosed, Supt Sete said the three people charged would be appearing today in court to have their case heard.
Acting Correctional Services commissioner Henry Wavik assured the public that security has been “tightened up” at the Bomana jail with Kapris recaptured and back in there.
He said screening processes for visitors entering the jail now would be very strict with thorough checks being conducted on all visitors.