Give your best, call to teachers

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The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013


TEACHERS have been challenged to change their attitude and give their best to students.

Education Vice-Minister Gisuwat Siniwin, who witnessed the signing of a memorandum of agreement for the determination of salaries and allowances for 2014-2016 in Port Moresby yesterday, said the Government was emphasising on education and started off with the free education policy.

“We have been discussing this in caucus and national executive council about teachers’ welfare. Teachers are the backbone of this country,” he said.

Siniwin told teachers present the government recognised their hardship with pay increase for next year.

“Our only appeal from the government is teachers attitudes must change. Give the best to the students. Give the best to the community you are serving. Commit your time and I want the output, government wants the output to be excellent,” he said.

“You must go and carry out your responsibilities. Many teachers nowadays are not committing themselves. Please commit yourself, that’s your noble profession.”

Siniwin said the government had recognised teachers’ struggle and there would be changes in teachers’ salaries next year.

He challenged principals and head teachers of schools around the country to take ownership of what the government was doing.

“You must discipline your teachers who are not on time; you must be with your teachers. You must know what’s happening in the school, you must know what is happening with students in the school.”

Siniwin said school heads should work with their teachers, student representative councils, general student body and parents, and that was something that had been lacking.