Giving locals a chance


THIS will be one of many calls by citizens to the Government to look into a matter of great importance.
There have been several calls for jobs to be reserved for locals but those calls have always fallen on deaf ears. The introduction of SMEs has made all citizens realize the reality locals are facing in terms of opportunities for locals.
There is no clear line drawn to separate the locals and foreigners, especially on what they are supposed or not supposed to be doing in this country.
To be clear, there is no racism here, but I speak only from what I have seen.
In the case of SMEs, we can see that all over the country the scene is the same: foreigners dominate the retail business.
The Government should fund local SMEs, with PNG citizens owning the businesses and employing foreigners and locals alike.
In terms of job security and opportunities in the private and public sectors, we should groom and promote nationals to take up managerial positions where they are capable of playing the role.
Nationals should be given the opportunity.

Kitz – Supaini

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