Go back to class

The National,Friday June 10th, 2016

CHIEF Secretary Isaac Lupari has urged University of Papua New Guinea students to return to classes on Tuesday so that they can complete the full academic year.
He said the university senate had put in place a revised calendar to save the academic year after the boycott of classes in recent weeks.
Lupari said the Government had responded to the concerns raised by the students.
“We are told that classes will start on June 14. The senate which is responsible for the academic calendar has already put in place a revised calendar to protect the 2016 academic year – meaning that if they go back to school on June 14, they will complete the entire academic year.
“We are calling upon the students to focus on their education.
“We have seen debates over this issues in Parliament so we are supporting the vice-chancellor and team to get those students back to school.
“Government has invested a lot in education and infrastructure particularly at UPNG. Many assets have been built and students have to respect their parents and the Government.”
Meanwhile the National Court had issued an order on Wednesday restraining the Student Representative Council from boycotting classes and interfering with the rights of those who wanted to return.
The order restrained council president Kenneth Rapa and students from barricading or locking classrooms and lecture theatres or threatening and assaulting legally enrolled students and university staff.