‘God first’, the principle that guides the Force: Chaplin

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THE PNG Defence Force command has been guided and directed towards achieving growth and development in the force through one principle – putting God first – chaplain Capt Norman Kakeni said.
It stood as the cornerstone that shaped not only physical but spiritual growth of men and women in the force, he said.
The same message was extended to the people of Okapa this week during a spiritual mission by Kakeni.
He held a special engagement with elders and leaders of the four main denominations in Okapa- Lutheran, Foursquare, Evangelical Brotherhood Church (EBC) and SDAs on Wednesday.
Kakeni said the focus was to sit down together to remind each other and the people in the district to work together and put God first and to see how well they could work in partnership.
“This is the key to set the foundation for a harmonious community, bound by God’s blessing that would open doors for positive development in the area,” Kakeni said.

One thought on “‘God first’, the principle that guides the Force: Chaplin

  • Disciplinary Barracks, no disciplin: What are the Chaplins doing?

    What are the chaplines in the discilinary forces camps or barracks doing at this time?. The government needs to engage in this very important discilinary institutions highly qualifed, professional chaplins, to look after, the spirirual, emotional, family, finaincial, and of cause physical life of our DF and police personals and thier families most importatnly in these residential camps. The only time i see chaplines are during FUNERAL services at the chapels. Are they paid big money to enjoy life and build their mansions?

    Most of these chaplines, are untidy, and have undisciplined behaviours as well, smoking like scheminy, buai spit on beareds and clothes in public places during official working hours, even their houses are untidy.

    I appeal to the DF and the police minister to change the employment policy and employ qualified people and maintan some “Real Disciplin in the Barracks”

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