God loves us


MANY of us think that success is through commitment and hard work.
That is true in regards to physical and scientific point of view.
There is a supernatural being that is ominously present in everything we do.
Whether we play, laugh, cry, sing, work or learn or whether we do right or sin, He is always watching.
He is not a biased God.
He let the rain wash the garden of a sinner and allow a thief to become rich.
Papua New Guinea is a Christian country.
We all know that.
Lately that status as been degrading rapidly and we will do nothing about it.
One thing I want to ask my fellow Papua New Guineans: Take a minute or two to thank God for being alive and for giving us air every day.
Whether we fail or succeed, we must appreciate the challenges he has placed in our lives and the levels we reach each day.
One of my expatriate teachers once countered this saying “love is blind” with “love is not blind because God is love”.
Therefore, whether you are a sinner or a Christian, rich or poor, God still loves us all.
Please take a break each day to appreciate God’s divine mercy.

Ezron Ulach
Port Moresby

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