God wanted man to enjoy physical rest


WHAT if we keep the 10 Commandments and just change the Sabbath commandment from seventh-day worship to first-day worship?
The first roadblock is that such a change simply isn’t biblical.
You see, the commandment doesn’t say to make the Sabbath day holy.
It says that God made it holy and set it apart for holy use (He sanctified it).
We can find no place in Scripture where God transferred the sanctity of Sabbath to Sunday.
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:18).
Why would God write the Sabbath commandment in stone with His own finger, speak it with His own voice, and then change it without even producing a vague biblical reference?
The bottom line is to determine why God made the Sabbath and what advantage there might possibly be in changing it.
For one thing, God wanted man and domestic beasts to enjoy physical rest that day.

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