God’s place in your life


IN this life, we have successes, we have failures, we have ups-and-downs and sometimes life is confusing. When we are happy, we seem to be satisfied with life. However, when the bottom falls off, we question the existence of God.
Sometimes, we have no choice but to face this life with uncertainty; we become products of circumstances.
Our choices sometimes lead us on paths that are full of pain and sorrow because the pleasure we were seeking are there only for a moment.
Many reach the age of 40, and even 60, and still do not know why they are here on Earth. God is greater than all our failures and pains.
God is bigger than all the giants we may encounter in life. Wherever you are, seek God’s assistance first and he will see you through.
Otherwise, you will never be fully satisfied with life. Success without God is incomplete.

Glen Burua
DWU, Madang

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