God’s word renews the soul, says priest


An Anglican priest has urged the people to read God’s word as it renews their souls.
Speaking during a Sunday service at Holy Family Anglican Parish in Hohola, Port Moresby, last Sunday, Fr Alfred Guda spoke on the theme: Repent and believe in the Good News’.
“Every time when you come to church and you listen to the word of God, that word revives your soul so that the soul is alert,” he said.
“In the book of Nehemiah 10: 2-8, when the Israelites returned from exile, not only the cities had to be rebuilt and the land to be restored, but the people had to be rebuilt and restored.
“It is reminding us (in the Book of Nehemiah) that the cities are going to be rebuilt and the land will be restored.
“We take this scripture and we reflect it back to ourselves, our homes, work place, schools and communities.
“In 1 Corinthians 12, the Corinthian community was faced with different circumstances and different factions that divided the community.
“In this reading Paul is preaching unity without diminishing the value of diversity.”
Guda said it was just like the body of Christ working together with mutual respect.
“God is encouraging us to leave all our problems and differences and work together,” he said.