Goi: Control your anger

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It is time for those who beat women and children to work on managing their anger, Community Development, Youth and Religion minister Wake Goi, pictured, says.
“To those men who are constantly beating your wives or are doing it, try learn to release your anger in another way. Stop beating your wives,” he said.
Goi said children also must be disciplined in a good way and not in a way that will hurt them and their future.
“Children must not be disciplined in an inhuman way,” he said.
“Discipline them in a good way so that they are not affected as they are the future leaders and will carry this country forward in the future.”
Goi said many children without parents were abused by caretakers or family members which was a concern.
He added that drugs were also spoiling the young generation today.
“To the youths, you all have a future ahead, refrain from illegal activities and substances,” he said.
“You are the ones who will develop the future.”
Goi added that the young generation today were abusing the use of mobile phones.

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