Goilala always have the potential

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your report “Goilala has potential in agriculture: Temu” (Dec 21).
Sir Puka Temu, while officiating at the opening ceremony of the Goilala highway, said the district had agricultural potential.
What saddens me is after 35 years of Independence, not a single MP realised this.
And to make it worse, even the Goilala MP did not realise that too.
My definition of a leader is someone with a vision and plan for his people and place, while at the same time knowing how to utilise and maximise whatever potential that may exists within his people and the place.
I am grateful at least PNG has one such leader.
I urge Sir Puka, as Deputy Prime Minister and a Central province man, to put an end to the “Konedobu circus” and make the people of Goilala realise we have our own “goldmine” too?
Since Independence, millions of kina have been poured into this so-called Goilala highway, which is anything but a highway.
We, Goilala people, are not lazy.
We know we can produce anything.
But we are let down by our leaders who are lazy, short sighted, blind, greedy, lacking in vision, corrupt and the list goes on.

Full of potential
Port Moresby