Goilala candidate confident despite his disability

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The National, Monday June 24th, 2013

 HAVING a disability is not an obstacle when the focus is on improving services for the people, a Goilala candidate says.

That is the motivation for an intending candidate for the Guari local level government ward 3 council seat for Rupila, Joe Jupa, who is wheelchair bound from a polio infection at birth.

Jupa is the only candidate with disability in his Goilala district of Central contesting the LLG elections.

But, he is bursting with confidence to stand against other candidates, saying having a disability was not an obstacle to pursue one’s endeavours.

Jupa said there was a need for good leadership so that people received basic services and there was improved infrastructure so that people would progress in the 

development process.

“My disability has not deterred me from leading the youths in my area and Goilala district to sports tournaments,” he said.

“I am adamant in wanting to help my people improve the state of their living though improved road, bridges and other basic infrastructure working in line with government policies for a better change.”

Jupa said as a sports coordinator and having done training with a certificate to conduct sports, he saw sports as a tool for development.

He urged all the people to vote for good leadership and avoid conflict and to respect the work of electoral officials during the polling and counting period.

“I want my supporters as well as supporters of all other candidates to avoid petty conflicts and let God choose the right leader to lead our people towards proper development.”