Goilala hopes to make up counting for lost time


Counting for the Goilala open electorate is expected to be completed before July 24 despite a delay, says returning officer Theodore Maia.
He told The National last week that the given date to complete counting July 24 and  because they had 70 ballot boxes they would be counting five each day from 8am to 8pm to make up for lost time.
Counting started around noon last Thursday after the dedication and official opening by the deputy Central provincial administrator Edward Kila.
“We have started counting on a good note despite the delay and things are running smoothly without any disruption from the scrutineers and supporters,” Maia said.
“We have taken in 10 boxes today (last Thursday), five for  the Goilala open and five for the regional seat and we will see how much we can do to be able to finish 70 boxes – 35 open and 35 regional – within the last five or seven days.”
Maia said that the delay was caused by logistic issues in bringing the ballot boxes from Tapini into Port Moresby. Counting is being done at the Gordon police barracks gym.
He explained that the boxes had been flown in on Tuesday and on Wednesday the counting officials went into a briefing and training in preparation for counting.
Meanwhile, provincial election manager Kila Egaba said counting for three electorates of  Rigo, Abau and Goilala would be held during day time except for Kairuku-Hiri.

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