Goilala moves to the village to break down how to spend K1mil


THE Goilala district development authority held a meeting at Kania village, Woitape LLG, last week to see how a K1 million bduegt can best be used.
Goilala MP William Samb said the two priority areas on the district’s list were infrastructure developments and people empowerment through business activities such as commercial farming, coffee rehabilitation programmes and agriculture projects.
He said the infrastructure covers roads, airstrips and communications which were the on-going programmes from last term.
“Secondly, to have transparency and accountability in project implementations and project expenditures (cost) so that the people are aware of the amount of money spent on different projects.”
Samb said with the people as the main witnesses to the meeting, the district will work hard to make sure those projects are funded and implemented. He said the idea of bringing the DDA meeting to rural areas was to inform the people on what their government was doing.
He said the important message was to move government offices and officers from Port Moresby to the rural areas in the district.
“This will promote centre-out-call concept for the district in Tapini and Woitape LLGs before reaching Guari LLG in the district.”
Village spokesman Julio Mano said having the meeting there was a good idea for the MP to see for himself what challenges and problems his people are facing so he can improve the basic services.