Goilala MP lays down the law

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 29th August, 2012

GOILALA MP Daniel Mona will initiate a major review of all development plans and project agreements in the district.
Mona warned public servants to shape up or ship out.
He spoke before more than 100 people who turned up at the Tapini station, in Goilala, Central, to witness the opening of the district office last Sunday.
Opposition leader Belden Namah was also in attendance.
Mona said he wanted a review of all the plans and projects so that everyone, including churches, youths, village elders, chiefs, public servants and  councillors could contribute to the planning and development of the district.
“I want to include everyone in the development plan. This will include churches,” he said.
“Nearly all the education and health services in Goilala are run by the Catholic church. That is why I want them to be part of the development plan. I want to involve the youths.
“The Tolukuma mine review will be in November and I would like you all to be involved so that the mine pays for some of our major development projects such as the Tapini highway and building of proper houses for landowners.
“The mine and Petromin executives are sleeping in good homes while landowners are still sleeping under canvas.
“I warn the Tolukuma mine to work with us or I will shut it down.”
Mona challenged public servants to pull up their socks or ship out.
“Public servants must start working now. I do not want to see public servants in Port Moresby drinking beer or playing pokies.
“I do not want to come here and go out at night. I want a house and office to be allocated for me here so I can stay. I am not a flying fox to come at night and take off in the day.
“I warn all public servants that there are many educated people and, if you don’t pull up your socks, you may as well leave,” Mona said.