When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Youth & Careers

Elijah Satubun, 24, of East Sepik and Bougainville parentage, was among 1145 students who graduated at the University of Papua New Guinea on Friday.
Satubun was awarded a bachelor’s degree in public policy management under the school of business administration.
He did his parents proud as his achievement has set a milestone for the family.
Satubun said it had not been easy for those who graduated on Friday.
He was relieved that after last year’s student boycott that lasted for about five months and almost caused the whole student body the loss of the 2016 academic year, they were able to make it through and graduate.
“I faced a personal challenge last year when we resumed lectures after the boycott. A week later, I was selected among six of the school’s top students to attend a two-week foreign service training programme in New Zealand in preparation for the 2018 Apec meeting.
“At that time, our assessments were way behind schedule, so while my colleagues and I had training to do, we also had our assessments to complete. But I am glad I made it through successfully,” Satubun said.
He said despite the problems and hardships, “all things were possible only through God”.
“You can be smart, but if you are not committed to what you do and do not engage God in it, everything would be pointless,” he said.
Satubun is now working with the Department of Foreign Affairs on probation.
He is eagerly looking forward to become a permanent staff.
His parents Fabian and Lucy Satubun, who flew in from Buka said: “We are grateful to witness our son’s graduation.”