Gold dream a bold move


I write to express my support of Prime Minister James Marape and the Government’s decision to build a gold bullion bar reservoir, gold mint and gold processing plant.
It is within the Vision 2050 pillar 3 to create wealth and generate employment.
The Government, under Marape, is not only talking but also walking in taking a bold step and must be highly commended.
There is an adage that “A million miles starts with a single step”.
May our elected leaders, Government departments and the line entity bureaucrats and senior hierarchies follow in this bold move taken by the PM and re-engineer and realign goals to achieve the National Asset Strategic Vision.
Streamline and down processing in many of PNG’s assets, including gold, is a smart approach taken by the current Government and may influence many ripple effects that will generate enormous benefits to the country in socioeconomic corridors, business and many other spectrums.
It is wiser to look at the end product than complaining about the different stage processes, that’s what a CEO of a company does – visualise the end product and the positive benefits it will generate.
The different stages are managed by people who are paid to get the job done.
Elected leaders, please provide an alternative when providing criticism so that this initiative will come to fruition.
Finally, prime minister, build an entity that is 100 per cent owned by Papua New Guineans and not foreign investors with their own self-interests using our resources.
Let’s learn from our past mistakes.
We have Nambawan Super, Nasfund, BSP, IPI Group, Steamships Group, CPL Group, Brian Bell Group, Carpenters Group, Constantino Group, LNA Group, Morobe Fletcher and many more companies to invest in this venture.
Fifty per cent can be invested by these entities while the other 50 per cent can be the Government’s.
We can build, we don’t need foreign selfish investors.
Thank you prime minister for the vision going forward.
May God help us.

Tobie Henry Torie

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