Gomis league boss tells clubs to pull up their socks

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Then National, Wednesday 12th September, 2012

RUGBY league teams taking part in the Gomis league have been advised that tougher decisions will made starting next year against teams that do not follow the PNGRFL-sanctioned rules.
League president Simon Yane issued the warning after a poor response from clubs to an earlier edict.
“The knock-outs will be held this week and I’m calling on the teams to be serious about our rules,” Yane said.
“It’s good that we have reached the finals but I’m disappointed that the majority of the clubs have not met their obligations.”
He said the league held matches during the election period which showed the management’s desire to finishing the competition on time.
Yane said Gomis patron and Hagen open MP William Duma had indicated he would support the finals series but with many clubs defaulting on their registration requirements since the begining of the season five months ago it was an awkward situation.
“Teams are ready to play but they have to pay otherwise it sets a bad example for next season,” Yane said.
He said after the Gomis league’s annual general meeting next month all clubs should be more committed and responsible.
Yane added the league had been progressing well despite the fees dilemma but he hoped it was not repeated in 2013.
“I want to call on the teams who will be going into the finals to train hard and try to give their best.”
He said the game was not just tough on the field but was also a challenge to manage and said all stakeholders needed to do their part.
Yane added that he had a vision for the league to improve and expand it and produce more quality players but it could only happen if clubs “fixed up their acts”.

Meanwhile, he urged players to train hard and make their carrier become successful in the game of rugby league.
Yane also thanked the teams and officials who did not make it into the finals and urged to try harder in next year’s competition.