Good decision by five doctors

Letters, Normal

The National

I WOULD like to commend the five doctors who decided to be the pioneers of the Remote Rural Medical Society.
As such, I would like to encourage many more nationals to “get out there” and provide the much-needed basic services.
I also have a high regard for expatriates who are serving in the rural areas and I would like to thank them for their contributions.
Recently, I spent nearly three and a half weeks traversing the North Fly district.
It was like taking a trip back to the Stone Age.
The provision of basic services in rural areas is non-existent.
What a pity after 34 years of Independence and billions of kina from minerals, oil, gas, cash crops, forestry, marine products, etc, yet we still find the rural areas abandoned.
How can we ever develop this country when 85% of the people live in the rural areas?
I encourage all young educated Papua New Guineans to take up the challenge and see this beautiful country of ours.
The relevant authorities must create an effective system to encourage our graduates to provide services in the rural areas.
Happy Independence.

Yumi Go Peles
Via email