Good diet vital


It has always been and it will be in the future that one can ask, why is it that we Papua New Guineans do not grow tall and having good built?
This question is specifically centered to sports and generally to all.
When it comes to playing sport like rugby league against other countries like Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and the list goes on, PNG players lack height and they (the other countries) take advantage on that and with the massive weight that they have, they overlook PNG.
The knowledge of having good diet is not only for certain group of people but it is certain that every Papua New Guinean has to acquire it and make it a norm so that our lifestyle can be changed imminently.
Health is the subject that is taught in all primary schools in PNG but the knowledge in somewhat concealed because I was once a primary school student and I know it.
In secondary schools, the subject concerned is taught but it is not compulsory to all students but it is optional that only certain group of students enjoy its lessons- home economics is the subject in sub-discipline cookery.
The point here is that, can the Papua New Guinea government, through Education Department, introduce the specific subject that is compulsory in which it can be taught throughout PNG in all levels of education so that the knowledge of good diet can be imparted to today’s generation and upcoming generations too.

Joram Hineho Norman
West Taraka Bumbu Bridge

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