Good festive cheer despite more cops

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THREE murders in the National Capital District and Central provinces over the festive season did not dampen the spirit of Christmas and New Year because of the increased police presence, police authorities have said.
Commander for the NCD-Central command, acting Assistant Police Commissioner Awan Sete said apart from three murders and the latest assassination attempt on a businessman in Port Mo­resby, NCD and Central “expe­rien­­ced a significant re­duction in armed hold-ups and motor vehicle thefts compared to last year because of effective police strategies”.
“I am satisfied because our members came out in full strength to ensure the environment was conducive for our people to celebrate the festive season peacefully,” he said at a press conference yesterday.
“I must take this opportunity to thank the Metropolitan commander (Fred Yakasa) and Central province police commander Mr Aquila and all the policemen and policewomen based in NCD/ Central command for carrying out their duties and responsibilities in a truly professional manner.
“Despite our limited re­sources, the members performed their duties diligently and within the confines of ethics and law,” Mr Sete said.
“I am pleased because our policemen and policewomen went into settlements, villages and communities and spoke to the people before the start of the festive season.”
He also commended NCD Governor Powes Parkop for the “extravagant outdoor lightings and the fountains at the 5-Mile and Gerehu roundabouts which im­mensely attracted scores of people especially at nights.”
He said this was certainly a sight to see and appreciate – for people to feel free and be confident to go out at nights during the festive season.
“I congratulate the go­vernor for taking the leading role to transform our people’s mindset.”
The police strategies included the involvement of youths throughout the city through the Yumi Lukautim Moresby Project supported by the NCDC and the PNG Law & Justice sector programme (LJSP), which was highly praised by the NCD/Central police chief.
Mr Sete thanked those involved in it, including youths, media and the community at large.
He called on the entire communities in the city and its surrounding to continue to work together to ensure freedom, peace and harmony to be enjoyed by everyone living in this city.