Good intention, Menai, but where are roads?

Editorial, Normal

The National – Monday, February 14, 2011

IT is encouraging to note that the member for Karimui-Nomane is urging his people to get rid of the hand-out mentality.
Posi Menai has told the people to work the land, grow crops, sell them at the markets and earn some money.
However, to send the produce to the markets, we need accessibility like roads and transportation.
The MP is aware of this and he has committed funds to connect Karimui to other centres by roads.
Right now, the district is accessible only through air and foot.
Menai said funds had been paid to a company in 2009 to construct the road from Karimui to Gumine.
But the catch is the company which had been paid does not have equipment and machinery to construct the road.
Is the MP for real?
How can he dish out money to a company which has no equipment?
Are we to believe that the company will construct the road?
Why didn’t it buy the necessary machineries after receiving the funds?
It is now 2011 and as someone who is rational, I say we can kiss goodbye to the money paid out.


Kagl Gandai
Port Moresby