Good leadership, bad leadership


ONE way of measuring the general success, health and wealth of a nation is by looking at the quality and standard of living of its citizens.
When citizens are well-educated, intelligent and properly empowered, the nation will have the capacity for long-term and self-sustaining growth and progress.
The Scripture tells us that, “Whatsoever a man thinks in his heart, so he is”. This profound statement holds true for a nation.
The destiny of citizens is very much tied to the destiny of the nation, and how citizens fare in life depends on the people who lead, make laws, set policies, make decisions, manage the economy, etc.
If leaders govern without knowing why they are there then abuse becomes inevitable.
Good leaders educate, resource, empower and add value to their people.
A self-serving leader who is there to take and not give, is unfit to lead.
One reason citizens suffer and live in poverty is bad, self-gratifying leadership.
On the other hand, when a good leader bows out at the end of his or her tenure, he or she  leaves behind satisfied and fulfilled citizens.

Rev Joseph Walters

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