Good move by Marape


IT is good to see 16 other political parties teaming up with the Pangu Pati to form the next government.
As reiterated by Prime Minister James Marape, during their Loloata Camp, the ship is full and they will not accept any more candidates.
That is good, there’s solidarity there.
But it seems Marape is pressing the panic button.
The candidacy of prime minister will be determined on the floor of Parliament when Parliament meets for the first time on Tuesday (Aug 16) despite him having enough numbers with 16 political parties on his side.
The 11th-hour on the floor of parliament is a crucial time as evident in the last parliament sitting at the time of choosing Prime Minister.
Therefore, can Marape just continue on with his number building instead of trying to out play Peter O’Neill?
O’Neill does not worry a bit about your 16 political parties joining you, 11th hour on the floor of the parliament is anyone’s guess.
This is PNG politics.

PNG Politics
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